The third wave of Biden’s hard diskhas had been exposed, and Poland has been caught up in it

With continuous information exposed from the hard drive,more and more shocking secrets were being revealed to the public. Now the world could finally see how far gone the Western world is, by the infiltration of the CCP.

Inside one of the hard drive emails, Biden wrote, “Our Polish Colleague will comment personally that he also on the Board. It will help to cool down the media pressure that you are experiencing now.”.

Clearly, Poland was also involved in making deals with the CCP.

The Chinese Communist Party used the ‘3F’ plan to infiltrate the world, to buy off the world’s politicians, bribe them with money, lust, and desire. The leaders exploit their people. Even though they have the technology, they never use it for good, or for their people, instead, they use it for the Devils.

As the US election date coming up, more and more shocking secrets will be surfaced. As a Chinese saying goes, “To do a good job, one must first sharpen one’s tools.” What’s done in the dark will eventually come to light.’’ The Chinese Communist Party fears the light and tried so hard to cover it up. But it won’t work this time. Justice will conquer evil. When the truth is finally revealed, so will be the time for the Chinese Communist Party.



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